"When I was 9 months old my Mom and Dad took me to Connecticut to meet some sheep. At first
I wasn't too impressed - they were very standoffish. Then I discovered that I could make them
do whatever I wanted. For that I got a Herding Instinct Cerificate!"
Photos by Ruth Ivers
"Wow! This place is puppy paradise - sheep poop everywhere!"
"I want to please my Mom and Dad very much but being good in obedience is expecting too much.
The next 3 pictures are frames from a video tape. My Dad said it's a good thing we're not
showing the video or you would fall out of your chair laughing."
"When heeling, I'm suppose to keep my nose even
with my Mom's knee, but I'd rather heel behind her
in case she runs into the ring gate."
"I was heeling off lead real good until I smelled
something real good."
"I had previously earned 2 legs and was 30 seconds
from earning my CD title when I decided to get up
from the long down and say "Hi" to my Mom. She was
NOT happy to see me!"
"This was the happiest day of my Mom's life - the
day I earned my CD title. A day my Mom and Dad
wondered was ever going to happen. But, I knew it
would. I just needed to wait for the right moment."
Photo by Bill Burt