"Tracking is fun because I do it all by myself with no help from my Mom or Dad except Dad
follows me at the end of a 30 foot leash so he won't get lost! To earn my tracking title I had to
find a glove about an hour after a man had lost it in a 4 acre meadow.  I tracked his scent for
over 460 yards that had sharp turns and a steep hillside. But I found it, and I didn't lose my
"The map shows the man's track as black and mine as red. I had trouble at the start trying to
pick out the right scent from the hundreds that were there. My Dad says my tail goes up and my
nose down when I find the right scent. I got confused at the 1st turn because of a low spot with
a puddle - scent settles in low spots. After splashing around in the puddle I found the scent
leading up a steep hill where it took another turn at the top and confused me again. After that I
was more careful and had little trouble following the man's track right up to the glove having his
scent. The picture shows the 2 judges, Miles Garrod and Dana Avison, with my proud Dad holding
the glove I found and my Tracking Dog ribbon."
"Canine Good Citizen is earned by passing all 10 parts of the test like letting a stranger look at
your teeth or touch your toes. I hate that! I also had to stay still for 3 minutes without crying
while my Mom hid from me. I did have a few tears, though. The next 3 pictures are from my
Dad's video camera and show some of the other parts of the test."
"This picture shows my Mom greeting someone with a dog, and I
was suppose to ignore both of them. I did wag my tail at the
lady, though!"
"My Mom had to walk me through a bunch of people without me
stopping to say "Hi" to each one."
"I'm not suppose to chase any moving thing like a baby carriage
or bicycle. That's very hard for a herding dog like me!  Then,
somebody tiptoed up behind Mom and me and made a loud noise
by dropping a bunch of books. I didn't move or get scared. But,
I think my Mom did!"