Brae's Album - Page 3
Brae's dog show career started in earnest in May 2010 with his entry in the Southern Maine Classic Dog Shows in Scarborough. Most judges did not
appreciate Brae's attempt to jump on and kiss them which Jerry clumsily tried to prevent. Brae's showing 2 weeks later at the New England Regional
Bearded Collie Specialty showed little improvement in his behavior or Jerry's ability to control it so the following day a professional handler, Brian
Kirk, showed Brae and earned Reserve to a 5 point major. Brian is the son of Kathy Kirk who had handled our Breezy to her championship in 1995.  
Brian Kirk getting Brae
ready for showing.
June 2010
Jerry handling Brae just prior to Brae
giving the judge a beardie greeting.
May 2010
Photo by Gregory Hall
Brian and Lu giving Brae his final
touches before entering the show ring at
a show in West Springfield, MA.
August 2010
Kathy Kirk and son Brian
just before Brae entered the
ring to earn his 1st major
August 2010
Dog shows in New England that have enough beardies entered to qualify as a major are few and far between. Since 2 major wins are required for
the champion title, we were thrilled when Brae earned a 3 point major by being awarded Best Of Winners at the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club Dog
Show in Greenfield, MA.  
Judge Susan Godek
awarded Brae BOW.
August 2010
Photo by: The Standard Image - Fritz Clark
Judge Ms. Arlene A. Czech awarded Brae BOW and BOS for a 3 point major earning Brae his
Championship at the Queensboro Kennel Club show in West Springfield, MA, on October 30, 2010.
Photo by JC Photography
In the remarkable short time of 5 months and 10 days Brae changed from a rambunctious puppy in the show ring to a  well-mannered
showman. Brae was 2 days shy of his 1st birthday when he was entered in his 1st point show in Maine, and then he became a
champion at the very young age of 17 months. Brae's championship was earned by his great conformation to the Bearded Collie breed
standard especially his movement,  the dog handling ability of Brian Kirk,  and the patience, knowledge and training skill of Pat
Holmes - Brae and Jerry's instructor in the handling classes attended 1 day each week. Brae's show career is not ending with his
becoming a champion. He now will be entered in shows to earn points toward a Grand Champion title.
Brae is a CHAMPION!
In early October Brae was shown at 2 dog shows in Oyster Bay, NY. He was awarded
Best of Winners (BOW) and Best Of Opposite Sex (BOS) at both shows. Also, one show
had a Best In Show for the BOS winners with Brae getting a Herding Group 1. The judge
is Ms. Rita J. Biddle, Esq. awarding Brae the Group 1.
October 2010
Photo by JC Photography
CH Bramley's Green Mountain Boy, CGC