Brae's Album - Page 2
One of the great joys of raising a puppy is observing his reaction to experiencing something for the first time: a new toy, the 1st
snow, the 1st Christmas tree in the place where his favorite chair once was. At first he has an attentive stare accompanied by a
subdued warning woof followed by a body stretch to what looks like twice his normal length to get close enough for a sniff but ready
to run away if necessary. And, almost always, followed by a nonchalant acceptance of whatever is new.
Brae with his 1st
December 2009
The 1st morning Brae
discovered snow on
the ground
December 2009
Brae in his 1st snow
December 2009
Brae's 1st Christmas
December 2009
Winters can be long and confining in Vermont so the first conformation match in the spring and Brae's first ever was eagerly
awaited. The match results made the long wait worthwhile. In the puppy classes Brae was awarded 1st Place Bearded Collie and
1st Place Herding Group.
Waiting for spring
February 2010
The only dogs that Brae has interacted with since coming to live with us are
at the once a week obedience class with Brae being the only beardie. The
picture below shows Brae at the spring match happily meeting his older
sister, Fiona, the 1st beardie he has seen since leaving his littermates 8
months before.
Spring has sprung! The snow is gone as well as the mud that follows it.
Unusually warm April days allow Jerry and Brae to play ball in the
backyard and to take walks in the surrounding meadows.
April 2010
Warm April days are not all fun and games! It's also
time to clean the outside windows of the accumulated
winter grime. The chore can be amusing with a
beardie there to help.
April 2010
While the dirt comes off the outside,
nose prints go on the inside.
April 2010