"Agility is my most favorite event! I climb high things, jump over others, run through tunnels,
weave through poles and ride on a seesaw. If Dad only knew the fun he was missing by only running
beside me!"
"I'm judging where to start my
"I've got the right height and
distance to clear this triple jump."
"I've landed solid and with no bars
down. Now, where's my Dad want me
to go next?"
"Ahhh! It feels soooo good! That's Cheryl
Tarateta, my masseuse. I got a massage from her
almost every time we're at trials together."
"OK, I ran the course! Let's play Frisbee!"
Photo by Kathy's Portraits
"Where to next?"
"It's hot, I've run my course, I've played with my
Frisbee so now it's time to nap in front of my fans!"
Photos by Joanne Williamson